In my sketchnote workshops, you’ll learn the why, the what, and the how of visual note-taking. We’ll start with the basics like learning how to listen, creating layouts, and basic drawing, then we’ll slowly build skills until you’re sketchnoting all on your own!

“I can’t draw and my handwriting is horrible. I can’t do this!”

Yes you can! Sketchnotes can seem intimidating at first, but I believe everyone can learn how to take effective sketchnotes, and over time, learn to make them beautiful. All you need to take sketchnotes is the ability to hold a pen and draw a stick figure. Everyone can do this, and I’ll show you how! 

2017 Workshops

January 28Sketchnotes Workshop @ Brainerd Baptist Church | Chattanooga, TN

April 6 – Taking Rad Sketchnotes @ Creative South Conference | Columbus, GA

June 15 Visual Communication @ University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY
(GearUp students only!)

August 28 – Visual Note-taking @ The Curb Center at Vanderbilt University | Nashville, TN
(registration for Vanderbilt students only)

September 2 – Sketchnote Academy 1 @ The Warren | Nashville, TN
(Details + registration coming soon!)

2018 Workshops

No workshops are currently scheduled.

Would you like to attend or host one? Please email me and we’ll start a conversation!

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