Sometimes illustration exists to help tell a story or carry the audience through information- aesthetically pleasing or not. It’s the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B.

Take a look at web comic artist and author Allie Brosh. Her drawings aren’t classical masterpieces, but they help her tell her stories which have gone viral and have helped people laugh, cry, and identify. Her rough, Microsoft Paint-esce drawings have become her signature style. Not everyone would call her illustrations “good,” but “good” is beside the point.

When people see your art they want to see YOU and they want to see themselves. They want to experience your unique style and they want to identify with the content… you don’t need to achieve a perfect masterpiece to achieve this. When you draw, it’s ok if you don’t like it or if you think it looks “bad”. “Bad” is relative anyway, and you’re probably the only one calling it that. Can anyone say if your art is good or bad? Absolutely not! Art is mostly subjective.

Your drawings don’t have to be “good” in order to have purpose.

Your drawings don’t have to be “good” to exist.

Your drawings don’t have to be “good,” they should just be.

It’s okay if you want to draw and never share it with anyone, but I think you should risk it. You never know what people will connect with. Your drawings are a reflection of you, and that’s what people want to see.

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