“How was the conference?’
“Who was your favorite speaker? What did you learn?”
“Chris was my favorite speaker… I can’t remember what he talked about but it was really good.”

You’ve put hours into researching your talk, practicing it, refining it, and memorizing it. You know it forwards and backwards and you care about what you’re saying. So why can’t anyone in your audience seem to remember it, much less apply your lessons?

Your audience is unengaged… not uninterested

Remembering and forgetting depend on a lot of factors that are out of your control, such as motivation, context, complexity, and prior knowledge, but you are in control of what you share and more importantly, how you share it.

The secret to making your points stick is to engage your audience on more than one level. Speak to them AND show them.

Americans live in a highly visual culture. We stare at screens all day. The most popular apps are photo and video based. Our phone calls turned into texts which turned into emojis. People don’t just like images… images are a way of life. People also have a short attention span, always looking for the next interesting thing in the fast-paced culture. How will they remember something you said 2 minutes ago? 5 minutes ago? 10 minutes ago?

Make it easy

You care about your message, so why not make it easy for your audience to understand, retain, and act upon it? Your job is to serve your audience… not make them serve you. If your presentation is missing a visual element, you’re not serving your image-obsessed audience. And no, a powerpoint with a few words, acronyms, and clip art won’t cut it. It’s time to take your talk to the next level!

Bring an effective visual element to your message without wasting your valuable time

A great solution to bring a visual aspect to your presentation is to hire a sketch artist to capture everything. The artist organizes your points into digestible bullets and relatable drawings to help your audience connect with your content and remember it later. The best part? The artist doesn’t need to know your content ahead of time! Sometimes you can be too close to your content to understand how an outsider would connect with it. An artist hears your content for the first time just like your audience, which allows them to capture your notes that are relatable. This way, you get to focus on what you do best (speaking) and the artist gets to do what they do best (visualizing).

The more someone remembers your talk, the more they understand it. The more they understand it, the greater chance they have of applying it. What would happen if everyone who heard your talk really remembered what you said and acted on it? Think of how many lives you could change!

“Simple ideas are easier to understand. Ideas that are easier to understand are more likely to be repeated. Ideas that are repeated change the world.”

-Simon Sinek

Effortlessly expand your reach through “show and tell”

When was the last time you read a viral blog post or article? It has probably been awhile, if you can even remember one at all. When was the last time you saw a viral image like a meme or gif? Probably within the last 24 hours!

People like to share about the value they receive whether in conversation or in written form, but the sharing stops short. Written word and conversation has a limited life span and short reach, unlike images. When you have sketchnotes or a graphic recording of your talk, you give your audience the power to show and tell what they learned with their own circles, enabling your content to have a wider reach than previously possible. Take advantage of the fact that images are more sharable than ever before with retweets, reposts, and repins.

If you speak at conferences or events and would like to hire a sketch artist, I’d love to help you! Reply to this email or shoot me a message at emily@thesketcheffect.com to get started. Your message is worth it!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I doing to serve my audience visually?
  • How many methods of learning am I using to engage my audience?
  • What would happen if everyone who heard me really remembered my message and acted on it?
  • Why do I not have a sketch artist at my speaking engagements?

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