It’s no surprise that people can rarely function without community. We were designed to live with each other, have relationships with each other, and work together.

When it comes to your interests and hobbies, it can be hard to bring in other people into the space where you’re most passionate. Maybe you fear what others will think, you don’t want to have to explain everything, the other person is better than you and you don’t want to feel inadequate… the reasons are endless… but not justified. You need to include people in the areas you’re passionate about.


It’s hard to be inspired when you’re stuck in a silo

Different perspectives are essential to your personal growth. You can only go so far alone. Let down your guard, throw out your pride, and let people into your sacred space. You’ll be better for it.

Community is there to hold you up when you’re feeling down

The people who you surround yourself with should encourage you and help you in the area you’re passionate about. We can’t do everything alone, and when we fall, it’s nice to have someone there to help us up.

How do you do find community that aligns with your passions? It depends on what your passions are! For me, I love drawing and wanted to find community with other illustrators. I was having trouble when I pursued people one at a time, so I hosted a drawing meet-up instead and had everyone come to me all at once. I lost some money throwing the event, but I gained experience, knowledge, and new friends. I’d lose money to have those things any day!

Speaking of, if you’re in the Nashville area, I’d love for you to come to Drawing & Donuts. On Dec. 17th from 3–6pm at the Emma Bistro, we’ll be learning from 3 local illustrators, enjoying donuts from local shops, hanging out to draw together, and I’ll give away prizes. Ticket sales end on the 10th, so hurry up and grab your ticket now.

Illustration is for Everyone

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