I have exciting news I want to share with you!

This May I’ll be serving with Creative Missions for a week in Montana. Our mission: equip and serve a group of under-resourced churches in Bozeman.

We’ll be designing, developing, creating videos, taking pictures, writing copy, training, and installing equipment so these churches can better reach and serve their communities to share the good news of Jesus.

If you’ve known me for awhile you may recall that I served with this same group in Baltimore a few years ago, and I’m grateful to be in a position to serve the big-C Church by using my gifts/talents.

Would you consider supporting us and our mission? Here’s how:

1) Pray for us:

Pray for leadership and logistics as the trip comes together in the coming weeks, safe travel for the teams, protection from spiritual attack, for energy and servant hearts, for the churches we’ll be serving, and for the people who don’t know Jesus yet.

2) Financial Support:

• Donate to my personal trip cost of $595 (Tax-deductible): https://creativemissions.wufoo.com/…/sponsor-a-creative-mi…/
• Donate to Creative Missions (helps us buy software, licenses, supplies, and equipment to give to the churches. Also tax-deductible): https://creativemissions.wufoo.com/…/submit-a-onetime-dona…/
• Help me with my flight costs (NOT tax-deductible): message me!

3) Share!

There are still many people who haven’t heard about Creative Missions and the work we do. Would you share our mission and needs with your friends? This can be in-person conversations, emails, on social media, whatever! You can follow the team’s conversations by searching the #creativemissions hashtag.

Need a script? Use this:
My friend Emily (feel free to tag me) is serving with #CreativeMissions this summer! Read about their trip and needs here: http://wp.me/p48Rsm-hd


Thank you for your support!

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